Friday, August 31, 2012

Onion Egg Noodles

Onion Egg Noodles

Magi Noodles – 1 packet
Egg – 1 
Onion – 1 
Ginger garlic paste – ¼  tspn
green chilli  – 1
Salt – ¼ tspn
Red chilli powder – ¼ tspn
Coriander leaves – few
Butter+Oil – 2 tspn

Boil 3 cups of water. 
add noodles , a pinch of salt and cook for 2 minutes. 
Strain it and set aside. 
Beat the egg.   Add chopped onion, red chilli powder, salt,  and green chilli to it.
Heat some oil in a pan.
Pour the egg mixture  like an omelet and cook both sides.  Then  scrambled it.
Add noodles and mix well.  Remove from heat. 
Ready to serve with Del Monte Tomato ketchup.

Kids like noodles.  We can cook it in different ways according to their tastes. 
Egg noddles is simple to cook.  Its quick and precise dish which can be prepared by bachelors

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Garlic bread & Cardamom Tea


Garlic Bread

Bread Slices – 8
Garlic pods – 4
Salted butter – 3 tbspn
Finely chopped Coriander leaves - 1 tbspn
White pepper – 1 tspn

Coarsely grind the garlic pods and add the other ingredients,  except the bread slices and mix well.
 Spread it on  both sides of bread.
Fry in a non-stick pan on both sides, until golden brown (or  you can also  grill them) 

Serve it hot with cardamom tea….

Cardamom Tea

Water - 400 ml
Milk powder - 4 tspn
Tea powder - 1 1/2 tspn
sugar - 4tspn (or to taste) 
cardamom - 2  (crushed)


Dissolve  the Milk powder in water  and allow it to boil for 5 minutes.
Add cardamom  and  tea powder.  
 Boil for  another 5 minutes.   Add sugar  and strain it.  
 Serve immediately  with garlic bread.

Nithu's Kids Lunch Box menu Hosted by Latha

Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Moment - Award - 7

I received  Best Chicken Recipe   of  The Master chef contest ,Award from Divya youtoo can cook indianfood she selected  (out of 28 recipe) my KFC lolly pop.

Thank you Divya

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chinese Veggie Noodles

Chinese Veggie Noodles
Magi Noodles – 1 packet
Butter+Oil – 2 tspn
Onion – 1 
Garlic – 2 pod
Sugar – pinch (or) ajinomoto
Chopped beet root, carrot, beans – each 1 tspn
Salt – ¼ tspn
Maggi masala
Soy sauce – 1 tspn

Boil 3 cups of water. 
Add noodles, a pinch of salt and little oil cook for 2 minutes. 
Strain it and set aside. 
Heat some oil in a pan. Add onion ,sugar and garlic sauté until onion translucent.
Add chopped vegetable, masala, soysauce sugar. Toss over heat for 5 min
Then add noodles and mix well
Remove from heat. Ready to serve with Tomato ketchup.

 Noodles are quick and easy prepare for breakfast, dinner or lunch box.
Kids like noodles.  We can cook it in different ways according to their tastes.

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Bow Biscuits

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tri colour Fruits and Nuts Agar Agar

Agar Agar (china grass)  pudding : 
vegetarian food :
Tri colour Fruits and Nuts Agar Agar
Ramadan Special Agar agar 

 In restaurants,   they use it mostly  for desserts and  ice cream, We will make this agar agar pudding with  lots of flavors  during Ramadan season. Agar agar is like Jelly.   Kids will enjoy this jelly much.

It cures mouth ulcer and stomach ulcer.  Its great to have it during summer time.


Agar Agar  -  15 gram
Sugar – 75 gram
Essence  - Red and green
Nuts –badam, pista flakes  as needed
Chopped fruits – Strawberry, leechi  (or) tender coconut (or) coconut pieces
Water – 650 ml

For garnishing
Yum yum candy (or) Gems candy
Bread Stick (or) Chocolate Stick


Powder the Agar agar and dissolve in the water
Add sugar and boil it. And strain it.

After boiling reduce the water  to ¾ cup, divide the agar agar and put it in a separate bowl.

Mix the green essence in one bowl, in  another bowl mix the red essence.

Add strawberry in a red bowl.
Add kiwi in a green bowl,  

To the  white colour,  add coconut pieces or tender coconut or leechi fruit.
Here for this recipe,  I have added coconut pieces.

Sprinkle the badam pista flakes in a each bowl.

  Pour the agar agar into ice cube tray.
Let it cool for few minutes. 
keep it in fridge for about 2 to 3 hours.

Colourful and yummy kids special will be ready.
kids will enjoy the agar agar pudding.

Normally we can make this agar agar in many ways like plain agar agar, milk agar agar, tender coconut agar agar, fruit agar agar, nuts agar agar, and  sogo agar agar.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Moment - Award - 6

 I am very happy to inform all that I got token of appreciation award from the Healthy Morsels Team for the second time for My Ginger Syrup for cold,which is in my Tamil Blog samaiyalattakaasam.
Here is the baby toddler food round up. 

Thank you Healthy Morsels Team

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eid Mubarak - 2012

Assalamu alaikkum

Wish you all and your family a very happy and peaceful EID. 
May Allah accept our good deeds, forgive our sins and shower us all with his love and mercy.

Hai Friends Eid Mubarak to All

Chennai Chicken Biriyani
Sheer Kurma
Beetroot Peanut Raita

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Seasme Seeds Jaggery Steamed Dumplings (koLukkattai)

Seasme seeds  jaggery  steamed dumplings  (koLukkattai)
I learnt this recipe from my Gran ma.
Makes 15 Dumplings

Roasted Red Rice Flour – 200gram
Jaggery – 150 gram
White sesame seeds – 1tbsn
Moong dhal – 1 tbspn
Cardamom powder – ½ tspn
Grated coconut – 3/4 cup


Powder the jaggery.
 Add half  cup water and boil  it.  strain it.
Roast the moong dhal and soak for 10 min.
In a bowl put all the ingredients and knead well to a  soft dough.
Divide as equal portion of balls and make into elongated  shapes.
Steam them  on idly pan (or any other thick bottomed pan)  for about 15 minutes.

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