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I am Jaleela  from Chennai , Welcome to  my delicious kitchen.

Warm welcome to everybody to my yummy kitchen.

I am residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I have 30 years of experience in my kitchen world, expert in baby food, kids delight, Arabic food, bachelor easy cooking and Traditional recipes. Regularly, I am posting my recipes in both Tamil and English which is  http://cookbookjaleela.blogspot.ae http://samaiyalattakaasam.blogspot.ae

 I have countless recipes in Tamil blog which is 
samaiyalattakaasam.  I started English Blog in the year 2010. 

My recipes are for all, particularly for beginners, bachelors and also for all who can Cook. 

I shared My recipes in  my  face book page https://www.facebook.com/Samaiyalattakaasam , My recipes and tips, stores are futured in many popular Tamil magazines and also I  look after my own business in Chennai which is Chennai plaza.(www.chennaiplazaki.com)

My You Tube Channel Name Samaiyal attakaasam - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8LXGZgIE8u8GQz4xPuoexw

My another You tube channel 
Cookbookjaleela : https://www.youtube.com/@cookbookjaleela9423/videos

Dubai Burqa channel : https://www.youtube.com/@chennaiplazadubaiburkahija5679

My awards and prizes

My recipe published in Ananda Vikatan Deepawali Malar amd kilakkarai anjal monthly magazine.(2010)

I am happy to inform you all that, I had took part in The master chef india 2 contest – 2011  and i won the first price for my tamil blog - samaiyalattakaasangkaL For the recipe Tutti Fruity Pancake

I am very happy to inform you all that i participated in master chef india 2 contest and won the runner up award and the recipes were Eggplant bhaji sandwich mixed Tandoori Fish Fry.

My artical regarding cancer and recipes in http://www.ladiesspecial.com/ Ladies Special edition.
March - 2012

My Article Cancer Awareness for Ladies (nesan & Udanz) 4th Price (grace price) Rs.1000/ 
பதிவர் திருமதி ஜலீலாகமால் வின்  புற்றை வெல்வோம் - வருமுன் காப்போம் - பெண்களுக்கு மட்டும் இந்த கட்டுரை சற்றே பெரிது எனினும் பெண்களுக்கு வரும்புற்றுநோயின் தீவிரம் குறித்து அலசப்படுவதால் ஆறுதல் பரிசை பெறுகின்றது.

ஆறுதல் பரிசு ரூபாய் 1000 மதிப்புள்ள புத்தக கூப்பன் - 2012

Healthy Morsels - Pregnancy Recipe 2012. Jaleela Kamal  for sharing essential tips and recipes like Mutton Soup and as a token of appreciation from the Healthy Morsels Team,

Feb - 2013 I won First Prize form Spicy Chilly & cuponation  Jabong From Barathy, for My Auththur Milaku kaRi   ஆத்தூர் மிளகு கறி & Healthy Adai. Received Rs.1,500/ as award prize. 

The Agar Agar Specialist Hosted By Food Corner , Anamika I have been Awarded as Fifth Winner in Marine Chemical - The Agar Agar Recipe Contest - During December 2012 to February 2013. -  For My Indian Flag Agar Agar

 I am happy to inform everyone in that I have won as second winner in Hyderabadi Cuisine Roha's Giveaway  for  her First Blog Anniversary.2013

Facebook Group – In my Kitchen, For Food Picture Contest - Winner during February, 2015.

World Hijab 2015  competition – 5th Winner, Face book Islamic Group. (01.02.2015)

My 30 type of spinach recipes has been published in Aval Vikatan Monthly Magazine (Tamil) on 25th July 2017.- 08.08.17

I have been selected in "Top 10 South Indian Culinary Blogs – 2018" presented by Bonusapp.

I am glad to inform you that my 30 agar agar (cool) recipes for kids special has been published in The no-1 Ladies magazine (Tamil) Aval Vikatan on 16 th October 2018


I am very Happy to say and share that I have Participated in live cooking event.  Contest Name Parle Platina vin Pandigai Palagarangal ,  cooking event organized by Parle Hide and seek Biscuit  at Sky walk, Chennai. 08.12.2018.
My Two Recipes , Hide and seek Biscuit Pistachio Barfi and Hide and seek biscuit Dates Halwa, 08.12.2018 was selected and invited to participate.

 In the first round they have selected 21 contestants out of 75. I had selected out of 75 . Parle (Hide and seek Biscuit) Gave me presents and awarded with Certificate.
 Since it is a live cooking it was really very thrilling. Also I met Chef Rakesh Raghunathan and discussed some Traditional Recipes.

I am glad to inform you that my blog finds a place in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.

I have participated in Food shala  season 8– 13.9.19 / in that try one of the recipe Beetroot kesari. 

Chef and judge of  foodshala season - 8   Judge Chef Akshay nayyar 


I participated in Care N Cure  bites Breast  cancer awareness contest held on Dubai 31.10.2019 at  Zayed happiness Caravan

Healthy Rich Protein Rajma Salad, Healthy Burnt Garlic Soup and Rajma Cutlet Care N Cure Breast Cancer Awareness Event Held on 31.10.2019


I am Happy to say that my 10 type of Rajma Special Veg  recipes has been published in Aval Kitchen  cookery  Magazine (Tamil) on February and March Edition 2020

My 10 Veg recipesRajma Special l has been published in Aval Kitchen Magazine (Tamil) on 1st February 2020).

My recipes are featured in Thendral magazine in Dubai  (2005) 

Beetroot Halva - in Thendral
Garlic Chicken - in Thendral

My recipe puplished in Ananda Vidadan Deepawali Malar amd kilakkarai anjal monthly magazine.(2010)

My artical regarding cancer and recipes in http://www.ladiesspecial.com/ Ladies Speical edition.

 In refer my all recipes in Jaleela in arusuvai.I am a Top Contributor in arusuvaidotcom. 

Some of my recipes are in http://www.samaiayarai.com/,

March - 2012
My Article Cancer Awareness for Ladies (nesan & Udanz)
4th Price (grace price) Rs.1000/ 

I have won lots of Awards, prizes and competitions. Have also won cookery competitions, not just local ones but National competition.

I have  won the Amul
MasterChef India 2 Contest ...2011 can you believe that...?

I regularly updating my Chennaiplaza Shop which is in heart city of Chennai (wholesale & retail business) of various items, viz. fancy items, rechargeable items (light and fans), shawls, abaya, hijab, cosmetics,  ladies wear  in her website (www.chennaiplazaki.com) www.chennaiplaza.net 

Thanks for visit my place. Hope my recipes are definitely  it will be useful for all. Leave your comment.

In case if you require any assistance I am here cookbookjaleela@gmail.com  to help you. 

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