Wednesday, April 4, 2018

How to prepare and Coconut Milk Coconut Four

How to prepare coconut flour at home. Don't waste coconut extract Wastage , It  will very good substitute for baking.
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how to prepare coconut flour for paleo recipes.

Take one fresh coconut add enough water, grind the coconut,  extract the coconut milk  through a strainer or muslin(cotton) cloth, after extract the milk , don't discard the coconut wastes, this wastes are very use full flour for preparing  paleo diet meal or normal diet meal Like Biscuits,Cakes, pancake, cookies 

after extract the coconut milk through the  juice take that coconut flour and dry it in a cool place and grind it and sieve 

it will very use full for preparing diet recipes like coconut cup cake,bread,  coconut cake, coconut cookies and pancakes/

Coconut Milk

Strained Coconut Waste

Dry the Coconut Waste in cool place 

Sieve it and Use the flour for cake, biscuits and pancakes.

In paleo diet,  instead maida, atta & rava (soji) we can use this coconut flour  , we can prepare all cakes,cookies and pancakes with coconut flour.

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