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Broccoli with Minced Mutton Pasta

Broccoli with Minced Mutton Pasta

Mutton kheema -   50 gr
Tomato pate – 50 gr
Pasta (bow type) – 200 gr
Broccoli – 100 gr
Salt- to taste
Garlic – 4 nos
Kashmiri chilly power – ½ tsp
Oil + butter – 2 tbsp
Soya sause -   tsp


1.In pressure pan put 3 cup of water and add 1 tsp oil + salt cook the pasta and strain the water and keep aside.
2.Wash three four times mutton kheema stain the water.
3.Heat oil in a pan put  oil + butter add chopped onion and garlic sauté for 2 min, then add tomato paste, chilly power,salt, soya sauce  sauté for 2 min.

4.Now add the mutton kheema allow cook 5 min.
5. Finally add the cooked pasta and stir well.

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Spaghetti with Paneer

Italian Chicken Spaghetti

Monday, April 29, 2013

Khandvi Gujarati Farsan - SNC Challenge - 7

This Month Snc - 7 Challenge is Khandvi Gujarati Farsan 

Divya Pramil Started this Snc (south vs North) and (North vs South) I am a part of south group. 

I  belong to Southern Group , I am Linking  this recipe SNC You to can cook Indian foodDivya's South Vs North  hosted by Hetal Archana -Gujarati Zaika to North group challenge


Gram Flour/Basan – 1 cup
Sour Curd – ½ cup
Water – 1 ½ cup
Turmeric pwd – ¼ tspn
Sugar – 1 tspn
Salt  - to taste

For tempering:

Oil = 1 tbsn
Mustard seeds – tspn
Curry – leaves – few
Whole red chilli – 1 no
Asafoetida – ½  tspn
Chopped green chilli – 1 no
Sesame seeds – tspn

 For Garnishing

Grated coconut
Chopped coriander leaves – few

  Mix together the gram flour,curd,turmeric powder,sugar,salt and whisk together to make a smooth batter and without any lump.

Transfer this mixture to a non stick pan and cook in medium heat , stir continuously.

Cook for 10minutes or until the batter turns thick, meanwhile grease a foil sheet
Transfer the mixture immediately (on a marble kitchen table or back of plate) I used here foil paper (sheet)  
Spread a spoon of this mixture to the greased foil sheet,

Pour immediately the mixture to the greased foil sheet and spread evenly with back of the spoon circular movement. Wait for 2 to 3 seconds and try to roll it. 

 Allow it to cool for 5 minutes. Divide 1 ½ inch strips.

Meanwhile heat a small pan temper the above given ingredients and sprinkle over the khandvi rolls.
Garnishing with grated coconut and coriander leaves. 

Serve it with Garam masala chai.
Thank you Hetal & Divya for learning this yummy Gujarati Snacks

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Tri Fruit Juice ( Mango. Papaya, Kiwi)

The King of the Fruit Mango
Mangoes are an excellent source of Vitamins A and C, as well as a good source of Potassium and contain beta carotene.
Mangos are high in fiber, but low in calories (approx. 110 per average sized mango), fat (only 1 gram) and sodium.
Mangos are a good staple for your daily diet.
     Deliciously rich in anti-oxidants, potassium and fiber - the mango is the perfect   fruit! Truly 'the king of fruit'.


Tri Fruit Juice ( Mango,Papaya, Kivi)

Serves : 5
Preparation time: 15  minutes


Papaya  - 2 cups
Kivi – 1 cup
Mango -  2 cup
Ice Cubes – 15 nos
Sugar  -  to Taste

Mint leaves – few

For Garnishing

Mint leaves – few


Wash and slice the mango,papaya and kiwi.

Add Mango,Papaya,Kiwi,Mint leaves,Sugar and Ice-cubes in the Mixer and grind them to Smooth paste.

Garnish this juice with mint leaves and Serve it cool!

Note: I used half papaya,1 mango,and 3 kiwi fruits,where i peeled the skin with peeler and removed their seeds before getting it sliced

Papaya was the only studied food found to halt breast cancer.
Papaya is a store-house of cancer-fighting lycopene.
Vitamin C: One serving of kiwi gives the body 230% of the RDA for Vitamin C, which helps heal wounds, increase iron absorption, and boost the immune system.
Zinc: Kiwi helps keep hair, skin, teeth, and nails healthy.

Virunthu unna vangka viji' & Gat's samaiyal  Show  your styles to the World SYS - W Series - 3 
The two Ingredients are Raw mango  raw or ripe
Nithu's Healthy Food for healthy kids Juices,MIlk shake ,Ice Cream

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Merina Beach Sundal ( Theenga mangka pattaani sundal)

Merina Beach Sundal
Theenga mangkaa pattani sundal

Marina beach sundal reminds me of my Childhood days, where we had a golden times spending with our family. We use to have the sundal whenever we go to beach the tasty sundal with grated raw mango goes well for every one.

தேங்காய் மாங்காய் பட்டாணி சுண்டல்

மெரினா பீச் சுண்டல்



Dry Green Peas (or) White Peas – 200 gram

Salt – 1 pinch

For tempering

Oil -  1 tspn

Mustard seeds – ½ tspn

Whole red chilli – 2

Chopped Green chilli – 2

Curry leaves – few

Sugar – 2 pinches

Chopped Coconut pieces – ¼ cup

Chopped Raw mango - ¼ cup


Soak green peas for 8 hour.
In a Pressure cooker,Add peas and 4 cups of water and little of salt and Leave it to 1 or 2 whistles. After the pressure releases,strain the water completely and keep it aside.
In a pan add oil, curry leaves, green chilli.when it start crackle add strained peas and stir well.
Finally mix sugar and the chopped-mango and coconut pieces mix it well.
Serve it Hot cup or sukky coffee!!

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The two Ingredients are Raw mango  raw or ripe

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Giveaway @ Soul Food Event - Viji

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Gobi Mussallam

chattersmusings -  Meena's Gobi Mussallam perfect for roti , chappathi, kuboos

Homely food , Meena's = Try My Recipe event Giveaway 


2 cauliflowers (medium sized) 
5 cups water
1 cup tomato puree 
1/2 tsp turmeric 
1tbsp ginger garlic paste 
2 green chillies 
1 red chilly 
2 onions finely sliced 
1tbsp coriander seeds 
1tbsp cumin seeds
1tbsp garam masala powder 
1 inch cinnamon broken
2-3 green cardamom 
few pieces of cashewnut
4 tbsp milk 
2tbsp grated paneer or cheese or fresh cream 

4tbsp oil salt to taste


In a pan dry roast coriander seeds, cumin seeds,cinnamon, cardamom and cashewnuts for a minute or two. Keep it aside. 
Put 2tbsp oil and saute the onions till they turn light brown. Grind these onions with roasted spices, green and red chilly and ginger garlic paste, add a little water to make smooth paste. 

As I mentioned above whole cauliflower is used in this but I made florets of it. Boil water and add salt. Add cauliflower florets and boil for about 10mins.

 Drain the water and  pat dry the cauliflower. In pan again add the remaining oil and fry the paste  we made earlier till the oil separates. 

Add turmeric and garam masala and mix well. 
Add tomato puree and water as needed for gravy consistency and add salt.
 Cook for few mins and then add cauliflower pieces.Mix well and add milk slowly while stirring the gravy. 

Your gobi mussallam is ready. Garnish with  paneer, cheese or fresh cream and coriander leaves.
 Serve it with roti or pooris. 

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