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Bengal Gram/Channa Dhal Halwa - SNC - 6

This Month Snc Challenge - 6 is Bengal Gram Halwa/ kadalai paruppu Halwa

Divya Pramil Started this Snc (south vs North) and (North vs South) I am a part of south group. 
I  belong to a Southern Group , I am Linking  this recipe SNC You to can cook Indian foodDivya's South Vs North  hosted by Kirti to North group challenge

Every month we  learn North Indian Famous & Traditional Recipes , all credit goes to Divya Pramill.

SNC -1 (October 2012)
Challenge for Northern team - Mysore pak; Challenged and Hosted by - Divya Prakash
Challenge for Southern team -  Bhel Puri Chat; Challenged and Hosted by - Shruti Dhingra 

SNC - 2 (November 2012)

Challenge for Northern team - Adhirasam; Challenged and Hosted by - Yashodha
Challenge for Southern team -  Gulab Jamun; Challenged and Hosted by - Pallavi 

SNC -3 (December 2012) 

Challenge for Northern team - Medu Vada; Challenged and Hosted by - Sherin Deepu 
Challenge for Southern team -  Misal Pav; Challenged and Hosted by - Meena Bhatia 

SNC -4 (January 2013)

Challenge for Northern team - Vadakari; Challenged and Hosted by - Ramya 
Challenge for Southern team -  
Ghewar; Challenged and Hosted by - Manjula Bharath 

SNC - 5 (February 2013) 
Challenge for Southern team - Green Peas Kachori With Spicy Dum Aloo; Challenged and Hosted by by - Sanoli
Challenge for Northern team - Paal Kozhukattai - Challenged and Hosted by Tamil

SNC - 6 (March 2013) 
Challenge for Southern team - Chana Dal Halwa/Barfi; Challenged and Hosted by Kirti on behalf of Northern team 
Challenge for Northern team - Hyderabadi Biryani; Challenged and Hosted by Swasthi on behalf of Southern team 


Chana Dal(Chickpea/Bengal gram lentil - 75 gram
kadalai paruppu/கடலை பருப்பு )
Ghee – 4tspn
Milk - 100 ml
Sugar – 40 gram
cardamom pwd  -1/4 tspn
badam flakes& pista flakes – 2 tspn
Almonds, walnut for granishing


Wash and Soak dal in 1 Cup water for 4 hours.
Cook channa dal with 1 cup of water,strain it and mash well
Heat Nonstick pan add 2 tspn ghee and add mashed dal, stir well and cook for 10 minitues.
Now add 50ml milk and fry on high heat till it get dry.

Again add 50ml milk and 2tpsn ghee cook for 5 minutes     
Finally add cardamom powder, sugar and badam pista flakes and fry on high heat for another 5 minutes.
Serve hot or simply spread on plate and sprinkle some extra chopped nuts.

Let it cool down completely. Cut in desired shape, transfer in air-tight container and store in fridge.

SNC - 2 (November 2012) - Gulab Jamoon

SNC -3 (December 2012) - Misal Pav
SNC -4 (January 2013) - Ghewar with Kesar Rabdi
SNC - 5 (February 2013) - Green Peas Kachori and Dum Aloo

SNC - 6 (March - 2013) - Channa dhal(Bengal gram) Halwa/Barfi

Thanks kirti for leaning this yummy halwa and thanks to Divya for conducting this Event.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Chinese Crispy Butterfly Prawns

Butter fly prawns are Chinese famous menu; they ate as a Starter or with main dish.


Big King Prawns - 8 nos
white pepper - 1 tspn
soy sauce - 2 tspn
paparika powder - 1/2 tspn
garlic powder - 1/2 tspn
salt - to taste

for the coating

Corn flour powder - required qty
egg 1 no
bread crumbs - required qty

oil - for frying

Clean the prawns shelled and divide till the end leaving the tail part .

Soak the prawns in vinegar wash 4 - 5 times.

Cut the prawn at the back side, cut it in such a way that you start cutting it bellow the head part from the middle till the point before the tail.That is it looks like round shape in the centre.(like butterfly)

Beat the egg in fluffy texture

Marinate the prawn with above given ingredients for 15 minutes.

Now dip the prawns in corn flour powder and then dip it into the beaten egg.

Then well coat it with bread crumbs.

Heat oil in pan, fry all the prawns till it becomes golden brown.

And now your Crispy Chinese Butter fly Prawns are ready and you can serve as a starter .

Crispy Chinese Butter fly Prawns are ready serve as a starter

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Healthy food for healthy kids - Round up & Winner

Healthy food for Healthy Kids

Healthy food for healthy kids event was started by MsNithu Bala. I received  45 sandwich recipes 44 + 1 ( mail entry) entries for the sandwich .
  All who participated in this entries for sandwich  were really yummy and healthy.  I thank all participants.  Thank Nithu very much for letting me to host for this event.

I give below the round up of Sandwich Recipes.

1.Meena Selva Kumar 

2.Priya vasu - En veettu kitchen

3.Nans yum Yums - Sprouted Moong and Mayo Sandwich

4.Manjula Bharath - Desi Fiesta

5. Shama - easy2cookrecipes

8. Kitchen Queen - Real home cooked food 

9. Princy Vinoth - Spicy food

10.Niths kitchen

11.Shruti's Rasoi

Egg and corn hot dog

12 . Vijalaksmi - Virunthu unna vaanga

Veg Omelette Sandwich

13. priyas virunthu - yummy foods

Guamole sandwich

potato sandwich

Nutella banana sandwich

14 .Ela Ada , Tinku Shaji  - Daily Chores

15.Nisha.-  Mushroom Egg and Spinach Sandwich
My food Express

16. Nithu Bala - Nithu’s Kitchen

17.Jaleela (My Entries)
samaiyalattakaasam - Sandwich
cookbookjaleela -Sandwich

 1.Eggplant Bajji Sandwich
2.Vada Bread
3.Palak Omelette with Brown Bread Sandwich
4.Potato Sandwich
5.Whole moong dal bread pizza
6. Omani Halwa Bread Sandwich

 I selected a number using random number generator. The entry number is 22 and the entry is Falafel Sandwich  from Princy’s Spicy Food. Congratulations to the winner. You can send your mailing address in India, to along with your contact number to claim the prize.

Prize Winner, Do leave a comment in this post and send your address to which I have to send your prizes. Give me your correct address with pincode and phone number. Mail to Nithu details within 2 days (on or before 16th, March- 11:59 pm IST). If you fail to comment or mail, she will be picking up a new winner through random draw.

Top Contributor award goes Shama from easy2cookrecipes.

Once again thank you for all participants.Happy Blogging.Please collect your participation Award

Thanks & Regards


samaiyalattakaasam => My Tamil Blog
chennaiplaza          => My Shop in Chennai - Chennai Plaza

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tulsi Green Tea Pistachio Ice Cream

Tulsi Green Tea pistachio Ice Cream

Magic Mingle March - 13 , 15 Edition.
Every month I enjoyed the magic mingle of two ingredients, Sizzling Taste buds kalyani's Event, and this month kalyani has suggested this two ingredients, Tea and Pista.

Really I was thinking very hard and i don't know which recipe to cook, by the time i get the idea about some recipe it happens that it got posted already by someone, and when I referred the Google it’s all muffin and cake which I was not much interested.

I want to cook something different in my own way and suddenly i got an idea which is my long time wish of making an ice - cream. Here in Dubai we are getting variety of ice creams, so i have not thought so long about making ice cream. So with these ingredients I decided to prepare ice cream.

I don't have Matcha Tea Powder.I used here Tulsi Green Tea Bag.

This is Japanese special; often they use to make Matcha Green Tea ice cream.

Tulsi Green Tea Bag - 3 nos
whipping Cream - 100 ml
milk - 100 ml
pista and ilachi essence - 2 drops
pista flakes - 3 tbspn
sugar - 70 gram
salt - 1 pinch


First prepare green tea.

In a tea kettle add 200 ml water and separate the tea powder from the tea bag and keep it aside.

When the water boils add the tea powder, allow it to boil till the water reduces to 1/4 .and strain it.

Now make pista and sugar into a fine powder.

In a bowl add strained tea, whipping cream, milk and beat well.

Add pista-sugar powder, salt, pista ilachi essence and beat well with electric beater (or) in mixer.

Transfer the ice cream mix into a container close it with a lid and keep it in the freezer  for 2 hours.

After two hours take the mixture from the freezer and beat well again and keep it inside the freezer once again for 5 to 6 hours.

Tulsi Green Tea Pista ice cream is ready to serve.

 Here I used for Garnishing
Pomegrante , Black Grapes
Normal Corn Flakes, Ragi Corn Flakes.
Pista Flakes and Honey for drizzling .
Really I enjoyed this recipe.Thank you Kalyani.

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