Friday, March 24, 2023

Open Veg Pizza Three colour capsicum and Onion Pizza


Bread - white or brown - 8 slices 
Onion  - 2 nos roughly chopped
Three colour capsicum - required qty chopped little big size
black olives 
mozzarella cheese  - 8 tspn
tomato ketchup or pizza sauce      - 8 tspn
butter                      - 8 tspn
uppu - to taste

Very easy recipe for kids / veggie pizza / easy lunch box recipe


spread butter to a bread and roast it slightly.

Just cut all the veggies evenly (onion and all colourful capsicum)  and arrange over the bread and keep black olives and sprinkle mozerella cheese.   Place the bread fillings in tray ,200 degree  preheated oven set to 5 to 7 minutes yummy healthy easy pizza is ready kids will enjoy.

Healthy Kids Breakfast.