Saturday, March 31, 2012

Coriander Peas Rice

One of my Tamil Blog friend kovaitothili's recipe I changed little bit to my taste.


Rice - 200 grams
Coriander (cilantro)- 1 punch
whole red chilies - 4 nos
Cumin seeds - 1 tspn
Tamarind - half gooseberry size
Salt - to taste
Oil - 2 tspn
Peas - 25 grams

For tempering

Mustard seed - 1/2 tspn
channa dal - 1 tpsn
urad dal - 1 tspn
hing - 1 pinch
curry leaves - few 
garlic - 2 pods


Wash rice and soak for 10 min.

Wash the coriander leaves and drain well.

Grind the coriander leaves, tamarind, and whole red chili in a blender.
In pressure cooker temper the above said ingredients
Add peas, and ground paste stir well for 2 min
Add soaked rice and add enough water (1:1 1/2.) 300ml ,close the lid and leave for two  to three whistles.
When pressure is released, open the lid carefully mix well with a fork and serve it hot.
Amazing aromatic  flavorful coriander rice is ready. 

Please check about coriander kothimir

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Urad Dal Vadai

Urad dal vadai ,ulunthu vadai  is most popular south Indian dish

For Making urad dhal vadai:

Urad dal – 150 grams
Chopped Ginger – 1 tbspn
Chopped green chilli – 2 nos
Chopped onion – 2 medium size
Salt – to taste
Curry leaves - 10 nos
Bicarbonate of soda – 1 pinch

oil – for frying

Soak urad dal in the icy cold water (to get more batter)  for 1 hour. 
 Drain the water completely .
Add Bicarbonate of soda,and salt  and grind to a smooth paste.
Add chopped onion, ginger,green chilli, and curry leaves.  Mix well with fork and 
 Heat the oil for deep frying in a wok.  
Take little bit of the batter to make it to a  round shape  and flatten it slightly. Make a  hole in the middle of the flattened batter,  with your finger.   Deep fry them well.  Do not burn them.   Remove from the oil and drain the excess oil well from the vadais.  Serve it hot with Mint chutney.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chickpeas melon salad (for babies)

.    Channa melon salad
Serves : 2

White Channa (chick peas)  – 25 grams
Sweet melon – ¼ cup (  cut bite size)
Water melon – ¼ cup (cut bite size, seeds removed)

Salt – 1 pinch
Honey – 1 tspn
Dry ginger powder - 1 pinch


Boil the white channa (chick peas) 
Cook them well so that you can mash them.
Add melons and sprinkle the salt ,honey, dry ginger powder.
Mix well and serve to your baby.
Eye catching colourful  salad will attract the babies to eat. 

Sending this to Nithu's  Healthy food for healthy kids (10 to 12 months) finger food event hosted by Sowji 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crispy Popcorn Chicken

Crispy Chicken Popcorn
serves - 2
Preparation time: 15 min + 1 hour
Cooking time: 15 minutes


Boneless Chicken – 200 grams

For marination

red chilly Powder 1/2 tspn
pepper powder – 1/2 tspn
Ginger Garlic paste – ¾ tspn
Lemon juice – 1 tspn
Salt – ½ tspn
Melted butter – 1 tspn
mozzarella  cheese - 1 tbspn

For dipping

Egg – 1

For coating

Bread Crumbs – 1 tbspn

Oil + butter – for frying


Wash and cut the boneless chicken into small bite size pieces.
Add above-said ingredients for marination  to the chicken pieces and  mix well. Marinate for 10 minutes.
Beat  the egg to a  fluffy texture and and dip the marinated pop corn chicken pieces.
Coat well with bread crumbs. freeze for 1 hour.
Heat  the oil in a fry pan over  medium heat.
Fry the all the popcorn chicken   until golden brown. Drain the excess oil. 
And serve it hot with Ketchup.

Yummy  snack or appetizer is ready

Monday, March 26, 2012

Papaya kiwi mint smoothie

Papaya Kiwi Mint Smoothie

Papaya  fruit is known  for its nutritional  and medicinal values.
It is good for the anemic people too.


Serves : 3
Preparation time: 10  minutes


Papaya – 2 cups
Kiwi – 1/2 cup
Ice cubes – 10 
Sugar – to taste
Mint leaves – few

For Garnishing

Mint leaves – few


Wash and cut the papaya and kiwi.

Add mint leaves,  sugar, ice cubes in the blender.
Puree all the ingredients to a  Smooth paste, and serve it cool.
Garnish with mint leaves and enjoy.

Note:  I used half of the  papaya fruit. I  removed the papaya skin  with a peeler . I  scooped out the  seeds with a spoon and then cut the fruit into small cubes.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bread Bajji

  Bread  Bajji


Bread - 3 slices
besan flour - 3 soup spoonful
rice flour  - 1 soup spoonful
garlic powder -  ¼   tspn
fennel seed powder -  ¼ tspn
red chilli powder – ¼  tspn
salt - to taste
oil – ½  tspn
Baking soda - 1 pinch


Cut the Bread into finger size pieces.(12 pieces)
 Add little water and mix all the other ingredients, except Bread,  to become a thick batter (like idli batter consistency) .
Heat oil over a medium flame.  Dip the Bread fingers in the batter one by one and deep fry to golden brown.

Yummy snack for kids is ready.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Boiled Sweet Corn

   Boiled Sweet Corn

Serves: 2 babies


American Garden Sweet Corn Kernel -  3 tbspn
Pepper powder –  1 pinch
Suger  1 pinch
Salt  - 1 pinch
Butter – ½ tspn


Take enough water in a microwave-safe bowl and  boil the corn in it  for two minutes.
Drain the water from corn.
Add sugar, salt ,  butter and  mix well.  
Serve it to the kids and they will enjoy it.
To serve as snacks for adults,   chat masala, magi noodles masala, and more spices to it according to your taste.  

Sending this to Nithu's  Healthy food for healthy kids (10 to 12 months) finger food event hosted by Sowji 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Apple fritters (for babies)

Apple fritters (for babies)

Serves: 2


Maida (all-purpose flour) – 25 grams
 Sugar – 3 tspn
 Baking powder – 1 tspn
Lemon juice –  ½ tspn
 Cinnamon powder – ¼ tspn
 Water (required quantity)
½ of 1 Apple (cut into slices)
Oil – for deep frying


Beat sugar and baking powder together until stiff. Slowly add the flour ,cinnamon and lemon juice. 
If the batter is too thick, add little  water. Set aside for  few minutes.
Dip the apple pieces into the prepared batter mix.
 Deep fry until golden brown.
 Drain the oil and transfer them to a plate.

Sending this to Nithu's  Healthy food for healthy kids (10 to 12 months) finger food event hosted by Sowji 


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Penne Pasta Idli Popcorn

This is my original recipe idea.  Nobody knows what is hidden inside, 
Babies and kids will definitely enjoy this pasta  idli popcorn balls.

Penne Pasta Idli Popcorn 

serving size: for  3 babies (or) 2 kids
makes: 12 popcorn
Preparation time:  about 45 minutes


cooked penne pasta - 1 inch size -  10 pieces
cooked potato - small lemon size  - 1
cooked idli - 1 
cooked channa (chick peas) - 7nos
pepper - 1/4 tspn
salt - 1/4 tspn
bread crumbs - for coating

oil - for frying


Mix  together ,  the above-said ingredients,mash well, except oil & bread crumbs
Make  equal portions of  popcorn sized balls
coat well with bread crumbs.

Heat  oil in a  wide non stick pan.  Fry all the popcorn balls to golden brown.
 Drain the excess oil  with a paper towel.
serve it hot with ketchup or dates chutney.

This is my original recipe idea.  Nobody knows what is hidden inside, 
Babies and kids will definitely enjoy this pasta  idli popcorn balls.

To serve as snacks for adults,   add garam masala, and more spices to it according to your taste. 

Sending this to Nithu's  Healthy food for healthy kids (10 to 12 months) finger food event hosted by Sowji 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paneer veg Green Cury

This curry is very healthy for all, especially for the children and for the pregnant women.
 If you are on a diet,  you can avoid the panneer and cook this curry with the  vegetables alone.    
Curry leaves and mint leaves have many medicinal values.  Since, we grind them to a paste and cook the vegetables in it,  none of the medicinal benefits is lost. 

Paneer Veg Green Curry

Serves : 8 persons
Preparation time: 20 minutes
cooking time : 20 minutes


For grinding ( To roast and to grind)

Mint leaves – 1 bunch
Coriander leaves – 1 bunch
Curry leaves -1/4 bunch
Green Chilli – 4 
Onion – 3 
Tomato – 4 
Ginger –  3 inches
Garlic – 5 
Oil – 1 tbspn
Salt – to taste

Carrot,peas,beans-  100 grams each
 Amul Paneer  Cubes - 100 grams

For Tempering: 
Oil + butter – 1 tbspn
Cumin – 2 tspn


Wash and  chop the Carrots and beans and peas.
 Add salt, turmeric powder and cook in a pressure cooker or microwave. Keep it aside.
Heat a large pan. Add oil and   Onion,ginger, garlic, tomato, green chilli and cook for  5 minutes.
Add all the greens (coriander, mint, curry leaves) and cook for 5 minutes. Let it cool.
Grind the mixer in a blender (mixer) to a fine paste.
In separate pan, heat the oil +butter and add cumin seeds fry for ½ a minute.
Add the ground paste and cooked vegetables.  
 Add the paneer cubes directly.
(if you want fry the paneer in oil or butter)
Let it boil for 5 minutes.
Serve it with chappathi ,veg fried riceor dosai

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Palak Pakoda

Palak pakora ( Spinach Pakoda)
Greens like Spinach (Palak) has more iron content. 

   It is very
healthy, especially for children, pregnant women,  elderly people,
and for people, who are anemic.


Spinach (palak)  - 1 bunch (washed and finely chopped)

Besan flour (chick pea flour - kadalai maavu)  - 150 gms.

Rice flour - 50 gms.

red chilli powder - 1 tspn.

Garlic powder or finely crushed garlic - 1/2 tspn.

Asafoetida (hing powder)  - 1 pinch

salt - 3/4 tspn.

red food color - 1 pinch (optional)

chopped onion - 1 (medium sized one)

Soda bicarbonate (baking soda) - 1 pinch

water  - 2 tbspn.

Oil – for frying

Method :

Mix all the ingredients,   except oil,  in a wide bowl.  Make them

into a  thick batter.

Make small balls and keep aside.

 Heat  the oil in a fry pan over  medium heat.

 Fry the spinach balls carefully until golden brown.

Drain the excess oil.

 Serve it with any soup or with any tiffin variety.

In the Islamic Tradition, during Ramadan's 30 days,  we  prepare this pakoda with porridge ,pottukadalai chutney and Lemon mint Juice. This combo will suits Healthy Morsel Pregnant women.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Atta (wheat flour) Whole Sweet Corn Kuzipaniyaram

It is a very quick and a healthy breakfast 


serves : 2
preparation time : 5 min
cooking time :  10 min
makes :15


Atta ( wheat flour)- 100 grams
Sweet corn - 50 grams (American Garden Sweet corn Kernel)
grated carrot - 3 tbspn
salt - 1/4 tspn
chopped green chilli - 1 tspsn
cumin seed - 1/2 tspn
chopped curry leaves & coriander leaves -  few sprigs
chopped onion -  pearl onions  - 3 

Olive oil


Mix all the ingredients except oil to idli   batter consistency. 
Heat paniyaram pan put little olive oil and pour the batter
Cook on low flame, checking regularly both sides not to burning.
Yummy Healthy Wheat flour, corn kuzipaniyaram ready to serve.

Serve the Kuzipaniyaram hot with chutney any choice of yours.

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