Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kerala Special Vegetable Sambar

Kerala Special Vegetable Sambar
 Most Keralites are celebrating ONAM Festival.  They prepare Onam sadhya which is a Kerala Special Thali and has as many as 29 items in one Thali. Out of these items Mixed vegetable Sambaris one such dish.Main Side dish for Onam Thali.  I wish to give a treat to my viewers by providing this simple and quick to make recipe - Kerala Special Mixed veggie Sambar.
Serves: 6 persons
Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
For Dhal
Thur dhal – 200 gram
Turmeric pwd – ¼ tspn
Methi seeds – ¼ tpsn
(Yam,pumkin,beans,carrot,tinda,brinjal,raw manga,big cucumber,drumstick, green banana,bitter gourd – ½ kg)
Red chilli pwd – ½ tspn
Coriander pwd – ½ tspn
Small onion – 10nos
Big onion – 1
Green chilli – 2 nos
Tomato – 2 nos
Kudampuli – 3 nos
For tempering
Oil KL nirmal coconut oil (or) sunflower oil – 4 tspn
Ghee – 2 tspn
Whole red chilli – 3 nos
Mustard seeds – 1 tspn
Cumin seeds – 1 tspn
Garlic – 4 pods
Curry leaves – few
Eastern Sambar pwd – 2 tspn

Wash dhal and add water , turmeric pwd, methi seeds and  cook the dhal in a pressure cooker until soft, mash it and keep it aside.
Wash kudampuli and soak it in a hot water.
Heat the cooker add 1 tspn oil temper with mustard seeds, curry leaves.
Add onion, tomato and green chilli sauté  for 5 mins.
Add all the veggie mix well and add red chilli pwd, coriander pwd turmeric pwd, salt and  stir it well add 1 glass of water and  close the cooker lid , leave it for  2 whistles and remove from the heat.
In a wide vessel temper with 3tspn oil + ghee,mustard seeds , whole red chilli , curry leaves , garlic, asofeotida fry for  2 to 3 min.
Add onion, sambar pwd sauté well and add mashed dhal, add required amt of water and  cook for 5 min.
Now add the cooked veggies, soaked kudampuli and cook for 10 min.

 Note: Keralites are using kudmpuli for puli kuzmpu/katta salana, I always use bitter gourd in the sambar, if we cook bitter gourd with sambar we couldn’t find the bitter taste.If you don’t have eastern sambar pwd , use any other brand.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Muttai vatlappam - Egg Coconut Milk Pudding

Egg Pudding

Muttai vatlaappam/ Egg with coconut Pudding  is the Traditional sweet in Muslim Marriages , other occasions & Eid Festivals.
Traditional Muslim Marriage Sweet - Muttai vadlaappam/Egg with coconut milk Pudding

My son call this pudding to "Grey Sweet"  and my mother's signature recipe.First Sweet recipe I learn from my Sweet Mother.


Egg - 10 nos
sugar - 350 gram
coconut - 2 cup
cardamom - 3
cashew nuts - 6
ghee 1/2 tspn

for garnishing
Badam ,Cashew, Pomegranate


Grind coconut and extract thick  milk from it . Beat egg to a fluffy texture.
powder the  sugar and add thick coconut milk , egg and   mix it well.
remove the seeds from cardamom and roast and ground it. steam in the cooker and leave  5 vessel and keep the flame in  medium and cook for 15 minutes.
This dish very well goes  with  idiyappam,aappam , dosai etc.

Note : This pudding is very good for hip bones to all .

This recipe was published in kunkumam thozi monthly magazine June 2015, Ramadan Recipe.