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Mutton Semiya Biriyani - Muslim Marriage Tifiin

Mutton Semiya BiriyaNi

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This recipe, I learnt it from my mother and this is one of our marriage traditional tiffin vareity .

Mutton Semiya Biriyani - Muslim Marriage Tifiin
semiya - 800 gram
mutton - 1 1/4kg (medium pcs)
chopped onion - 1/2 kg
chopped tomato - 1/2 kg
ginger garlic paste - 8 tspb
oil - 1/2 cup gram
ghee - 1/4 cup
coriender leaves
mint -leaves
cinnamon - 1 inch size 2 nos
clove - 2 nos
cardamom - 2 nos
curd - 1/2 cup
green chilli - 5 nos
red chilli - 3 tspn
turmeric - 1/2 tpsn
salt - to taste


Roast semiya with ghee.wash mutton and strain the water completely.In a wide pan add oil wait till it gets heated, now add cinnamon when it starts to crackle add chopped onion and fry  till it gets pink, then add ginger garlic paste stir it for  2 min continuously, after raw smell goes, add chopped tomato, curd, chilli powder, salt, add mutton, carrot, green chilli. stir well  and keep the flame in medium very heat and  cook for 25 minutes.after mutton well cooked
Add water 1: 1 ½ , so for 800 gram semiya  add(1,200 ml water ) and boil it add roasted semiya and cook for  5 minutes.
Switch off the flame and leave to dum for 2 minutes and serve with pickle or any chutney variety-

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  1. This is really wow! We had a mutton rava upma and now this semiya biriyani is literally making me drool...

  2. thanks for comment , mostly our tiffin mutton (semiya, upma, koda(pasta),thakkudi) even semiya shedule comes weekly twice also we can have it happily.

  3. This is a favorite at my home too! Looks yummy!

  4. Being a vegetarian this is a very new recipe for me. We usually make sweet semiya so this is certainly a new way of serving them.

    1. give me some spice - - you can prepare with same way in veg too i will give links later (beetroot semiya)

  5. I have never tasted this .. totally a new and innovative recipe. I will give it a try..

  6. Wow this is totally delicious n yummy. The biryani I will try but sans the mutton. Thanks

    1. @ Archana Thanks for visit and your lovely comment

  7. @shobha this recipe is our tradition main recipe in all functions and marriages


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