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Damadai - Soji Coconut Milk Cake - 406

This recipe was published in kunkumam thozi monthly magazine June 2015, Ramadan Recipe
Traditional Sweet   recipe

Dumadai is Similar to Basbousa Arabic Sweet  semolina soft cake Soji Cake Prepared with Coconut Milk.


  1. Soji – 200 gram
  2. Thick Coconut milk – 150 ml
  3. Egg – 2 nos Sugar – 150 gram
  4. Ghee – 100 gram
  5. Salt – ½ pinch


  1. Powder the sugar, Roast the rawa(soji) slightly to yellowish brown and beat the eggs into fluffy texture
  2. In a bowl mix egg and sugar add soji and coat it well.
  3. Then add salt and ghee and mix it well,.
  4. Transfer soji mix into microwave safe container of oven container
  5. Preheat the oven for 10 minutes and bake for 5 minutes.
  6. Leave it to cool for half hour and then cut to desire shapes.
  7. Serve with chai or snacks

Recipe 406
Tags: Rava cake, Soji Cake, semolina soft cake, Islamic Traditional Sweet

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