Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dessert Delight/ Tri Fruits Halwa

Dessert Delight or  Tri Fruits Halwa:


Dates                - 200 grams 
black raisins      - 25 grams
figs                    - 25 gram
thick milk           - 100 ml
sugar                 - 2 tbspn
nuts                   - 50 grams  (badam,pista,walnut,cashew)
saffron               - half tspn


Remove seeds from dates.
Dates, raisins, figs - - -    soak for  5 minutes in a hot water 
Add milk and grind in a mixer/blender.
In a pan,  add ghee (or) butter .  
Add ground dates and  stir well  continuously, while it cooks for 5 minutes.
 Add sugar and saffron.   Keep stirring and mixing  continuously so that  it does not stick to the pan. 
Add the mixed nuts.  (Note:  For a variation:   You can grind the nuts with little milk and add it) 
When the ghee oozes out and the halwa comes out to a nice texture, remove from heat. 

Saffron and Raisins are a good cure for common cold. 

You can use this as a jam to spread it on a bread slice to give it as a snack to the kids. 

Nithu  bala's delicious date event & Healthy morsel Baby and Toodler foods.Srivall's kids delight hosted by UK rasoi & Amina's Quest Quest event.

15.10.12  Linking to Asiya's Feast of sacrifice 


  1. very healthy ,delicious and full of iron..loved the recipe

  2. sounds healthy and delicious akka :)

  3. sounds interesting. great idea to use it as a jam.

  4. a great easy and yet delicious.

  5. A wonderful halwa recipe Jaleela... Very easy to make too.. Kids would really love them and it is healthy too...

    Thank you for sharing with Healthy Morsels - Baby and Toddler Foods :)

  6. Looks too good and delicious.. first time here.. you have a wonderful blog with delicious recipes.. happy to follow your blog :)
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  8. Healthy and tasty.

    Thanks for linking this recipe to my event.


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