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Small (pearl) Onion Sambar Vadai - South Indian Special Sambar Vadai

 Small (pearl) Onion Sambar Vadai:

Sambar Vadai is one of the most  popular vegetarian dishes from the South India. 

For Making urad dhal vadai:

Urad dal – 150 grams
Chopped Ginger – 1 tbspn
Chopped green chilli – 2 nos
Chopped onion – 2 medium size
Salt – to taste
Curry leaves - 10 nos
Bicarbonate of soda – 1 pinch

oil – for frying

Cooking dhal ( for sambar)

Toor dhal – 75 grams
Small onion – 100 grams
Turmeric powder – ½ tspn
Cumin seed – ½ tspn
Tomato – 1 no (big)
Garlic – 2 pod
Water – 175 ml

For tempering

Oil – 1 tbspn
Mustard seed – 1 tspn
Small onion – 25 grams
curry leaves – few sprigs
Ghee – 1 tspn
Sambar powder – 1 tbpsn
Tamarind -  little

For garnishing

Chopped onion – 2 tbspn
Chopped Coriander leaves – 2 tbspn

1. To prepare the Urad dhal batter:

Soak urad dal in the icy cold water (to get more batter)  for 1 hour. 
 Drain the water completely .
Add Bicarbonate of soda,and salt  and grind to a smooth paste.
Add chopped onion, ginger,green chilli, and curry leaves.  Mix well with fork and keep it aside.

2. To prepare the  Small Onion Sambar.

Wash and add all the ingredients onto the dhal . Cook  them in a pressure cooker . 
Mash well and keep it aside.

Add sambar powder into ½ cup of water mix well without lumps. Soak tamarind into hot water and extract the pulp.

Add them all  into the cooked and mashed dhal .  
 Stir well  and cook over medium heat for  5 to 7 minutes

Use the ingredients for tempering in hot oil. Pour this tempered oil into the cooked dhal mixture - sambar.
Transfer the sambar into a wide bowl.

3. To prepare  for the Urad vadai:

 Heat the oil for deep frying in a wok.  
Take little bit of the batter to make it to a  round shape  and flatten it slightly. Make a  hole in the middle of the flattened batter,  with your finger.   Deep fry them well.  Do not burn them.   Remove from the oil and drain the excess oil well from the vadais.  

4. Sambar vadai

 Place all the hot vadais into hot samabar and soak the vadais in the sambar for 10 minutes.
Garnish them with chopped onion and chopped coriander leaves. Serve Immediately. 

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  1. looks great.. one of the hot fav in south indian hotel ! the onions take the sambhar to a different level!

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  7. You know, I've never tried on Vada Sambhar yet but just so tempted after seeing your pics and recipe. :)

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  8. My grandma use to make Sambar Wadai for all traditional festivals!!Well explained ..lovely pics.. :)

  9. Looks so yummmyyyyy..... easy to follow instructions too. Thank you.

  10. sambar vada looks fantastic... my favourite as well... you have explained it in great detail...

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