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Tulsi Green Tea Pistachio Ice Cream

Tulsi Green Tea pistachio Ice Cream

Magic Mingle March - 13 , 15 Edition.
Every month I enjoyed the magic mingle of two ingredients, Sizzling Taste buds kalyani's Event, and this month kalyani has suggested this two ingredients, Tea and Pista.

Really I was thinking very hard and i don't know which recipe to cook, by the time i get the idea about some recipe it happens that it got posted already by someone, and when I referred the Google it’s all muffin and cake which I was not much interested.

I want to cook something different in my own way and suddenly i got an idea which is my long time wish of making an ice - cream. Here in Dubai we are getting variety of ice creams, so i have not thought so long about making ice cream. So with these ingredients I decided to prepare ice cream.

I don't have Matcha Tea Powder.I used here Tulsi Green Tea Bag.

This is Japanese special; often they use to make Matcha Green Tea ice cream.

Tulsi Green Tea Bag - 3 nos
whipping Cream - 100 ml
milk - 100 ml
pista and ilachi essence - 2 drops
pista flakes - 3 tbspn
sugar - 70 gram
salt - 1 pinch


First prepare green tea.

In a tea kettle add 200 ml water and separate the tea powder from the tea bag and keep it aside.

When the water boils add the tea powder, allow it to boil till the water reduces to 1/4 .and strain it.

Now make pista and sugar into a fine powder.

In a bowl add strained tea, whipping cream, milk and beat well.

Add pista-sugar powder, salt, pista ilachi essence and beat well with electric beater (or) in mixer.

Transfer the ice cream mix into a container close it with a lid and keep it in the freezer  for 2 hours.

After two hours take the mixture from the freezer and beat well again and keep it inside the freezer once again for 5 to 6 hours.

Tulsi Green Tea Pista ice cream is ready to serve.

 Here I used for Garnishing
Pomegrante , Black Grapes
Normal Corn Flakes, Ragi Corn Flakes.
Pista Flakes and Honey for drizzling .
Really I enjoyed this recipe.Thank you Kalyani.

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  1. Wow,such an Innovative and tasty Ice cream recipe.Should give this flavour a try :-)

  2. New recipe to me !! Loved it :-)
    Perfect ice cream to beat the heat !!
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  9. wow!!great recipe with green tea....
    thanks for sharing with the event....

  10. That is really innovative icecream.

  11. Superb idea, Jaleela ! Ice cream with a twist :-)
    Glad you enjoyed the combo .... Keep them coming....

  12. Superb ! Way to Jaleela.. Ice cream with a twist

    Glad you enjoyed the combo :-)

  13. Innovative and yummy ice cream.. first time here..following visit my blog when you are free..

  14. innovative yes, but i can say healthy too. appreciate if you stop by at my space too.

  15. What a assume blend of those toppings too....

  16. Icecream with tea! What a lovely way to use tea in cooking. It looks absolutely inviting...

  17. innovative recipe... looks fantastic...

  18. Wow what a combo akka nenachu kuda pathadhila...superrrr..


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