Thursday, March 7, 2013

Homemade - Common Garam Masala Powder

Simple & Common Garam Masala Powder

Spice powders are the ones which add good flavour and taste to our cooking...many variety of masala powders like rasam powdre,sambar powder,kuthu powder,kulambu powder,idly powder,diet powder are available in the market..instead of buying them outside we can make them fresh in our home itself.....


Cinnamon    – 50 gram

Clove            – 25 gram

Cardamom   – 12.5 gram


In dry grinder grind everything in ¾ coarse powder.

Put it in an air tight container.

We can use this powder for Garam masala cake  mutton fry,King fish fry, chicken fry and veg curry, vadai kari, methi paratha Cauliflower pes kurma, Methi Diet chappathi ,aloo paratha , cake etc.,

It gives a nice aroma flavour to our dishes.

Nutty Garam Masala Cake

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