Monday, March 4, 2013

Omani Halwa - 3 with Bread Sandwich

Halwa is a fundamental part of daily life in Oman, often served at special occasions like weddings, funerals, or other social gatherings. It is the standard food when greeting guests, regardless of class or social distinction, along with bread Arabic coffee, which is known as qahwa.


Corn Flour - 50 gram

Water – 100 ml

Brown sugar – 100 gram

Roasted Soji (rava) - 1 tbspn

egg - 1/2 of 1 (optional)

Water – 100ml

Saffron – 1 tbspn

Cardamom pwd – 1 tbspn

Rose water – 1 tspn

Cashew nuts – 50 gram

Pista flakes – few

Salt – pinch

Butter – 50 gram

Ghee – 1 tbspn


In a wide nonstick pan heat the ghee and fry the cashew nuts keep aside.

In the same pan, boil the water along with brown sugar and cardamom powder. Boil for 5 to 10 minutes.

In a bowl of 100 ml water, add flour mix well and add it to sugar syrup stir continuously without any lumps.

Add butter ,saffron , cardamom powder , sprinkle the soji and stir continuously.

finally add fried cashew and pista Flakes. Omani halwa is ready to serve.

Omani Halwa with bread Sandwich

Slightly Butter fried bread slices - 12 nos

Prepared Omani Halwa

Serving suggestions: Slightly Butter fried bread or bun with Omani halwa or With Biriyani.
Usually we have this halwa (beet rooot,carrot , pumpkin)  with bread or roti. we can give this type of halwa to children they love to eat.

Omani Halwa - 1

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  1. very new combo for me halwa with bread :) looks yumm

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