Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brown Rice Banana Kuzipaniyaram

Kuzipaniyaram is one of the chettinad Traditional Breakfast, .We make this paniyaramm using special kuzipaniyaram pan If you don't have this paniyaram pan we can make  like appam.
This is one of the variety which i tried, in chettinad sweet and spicy varieties of kuzhipani


Brown Rice 100 gram
Maida (all purpose flour) – 100 gram
Jaggery – 150 gram
Chiquita – 1 
Coconut – pieces - 2 tbps
Cardamom – 3
Badam (almond)  flakes – 1 tbpsn
Dry ginger powder – ½ tspn
Salt – 1 pinch
Sodium bicarbonate - 1 pinch
Oil  ghee – as  required


1.  Soak brown rice for  2 hours  and grind well.
2.  Grind the soaked rice.  While grinding, add cardamom, salt, and maida. 
Grind for 3 minutes.
3. Add the banana and grind well.  Remove from the grinder.

4.   Add ½ cup water into jaggery and heat it up.   Filter the syrup. 

5.  In the batter,  add dry ginger powder, jaggery syrup, Sodium bicarbonate (almond) flakes and coconut pieces. Mix well.

6.   Heat the paniyaram pan.  Add  little oil + ghee and  pour the batter.
7.  Cook on low flame, checking regularly both sides, so it does not get burned.

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  1. delicious luking paniyaram....superb

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  6. yummy! seems tasty..mouth watering..haha

  7. paniyaram looks awesome! superb presentation.

  8. They look absolutely delicious! I have no idea how they taste like (coz I have never come across it) but I am guessing a mild sweet spicy flavour...yum!

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  9. Yummy paniyarams,feel like having it right now. Thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

  10. lovely! sweet or them anyways!

  11. Paneyaram looks gr8 and a nice combo as well


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