Monday, February 27, 2012

Palkova/Milk Peda/Dhooth peda


Water - 500 ml
Dry Milk Powder - 10 tspn
Sugar - 3 tspn
Ghee - 1tspn
Milk cream  (brie) - 2 tbspn

For garnishing:
Pista Flakes
Black Raisins


In a heavy bottom pan mix dry milk powder and 500 ml water and boil for half hour over medium heat.
 Keep stirring the milk for every 5 minutes, so that the milk     does not get burned at the bottom of the pan. 
Reduce the milk to about 50ml.
The color of the milk may become off-white.  It will be in thick consistency. 
Then add the milk cream (brie) ,   sugar and  ghee.  Keep stirring the mixture continuously. 
Transfer it into a serving plate.  Cut into desire shapes.  Garnish it with the Strawberry, pista flakes and black raisins.

Note:   You can make the milk cream (brie) at home.  when ever you boil  the milk,  you can remove the thick cream that deposits on the top of the milk and preserve it  in the freezer for later use.(for any rich gravy & Sweet recipe) 

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Chandrani said...

Milk peda looks delicious. Thanks for linking my event.

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So rich and superb Milk Peda !!

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Mariam Mababaya said...
interesting blog :)

are you Muslim, Jaleela? :)

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hi mariam, YES I am a Muslim

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Perfect sweet for V-Day. Looks yummy. Thx for linking to the event.

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Vardhini said...

Perfect sweet for V-Day. Looks yummy. Thx for linking to the event.

Event: Sweet Luv
Event: Strawberries

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hi jaleela, how are you, it sure looks great but i have not seen before.. would love to try.
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