Monday, April 9, 2012

Watermelon Fingers (for babies)

    Watermelon Fingers
Serves : 2

Water melon – Half cup (one big slice)(cut finger size, seeds removed)

for dressing
Salt – 1 pinch
Glucose  – 1 tspn
Dry ginger powder  (sukku podi) - 1 pinch


Cut the watermelon Remove skin and seed 
Cut finger size pieces.
And sprinkle the salt ,Glucose, dry ginger powder.
Serve to your baby.
Eye catching colourful  salad will attract the babies to eat. 
Dry ginger power prevent the cold

Sending this to Nithu's  Healthy food for healthy kids (10 to 12 months) finger food event hosted by Sowji 


( linking to saras yummy bites dish with30 minutes soups and salad)


Chandrani said...

Very attractive and delicious finger.

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Hema said...

Shud taste good with the ginger..

Priya said...

Brilliant idea, kids will definitely love this.

Anonymous said...

looking like papayas :)

Allah knows best :)

Lavanya T R said...

look is great.

Julie said...

Lovely finger foods..

Join me for the roundup of "Cilantro & Cumin" & Rush in your "Mint & Coriander seeds" entries(EP Series-Apr) You have an award too:-)
Erivum Puliyum

faseela said...

lovely idea jaleela ...yummy melon fingers

Reshmi Ahmed said...

so simple yet attractive. iam sure any kid would love this salad !