Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Black Channa & Apple Salad

Black Channa & Apple Salad: 
Boiled Black channa – 25 grams
Apple –  ¼  of an apple
Carrot -  2 inch size
Cucumber – ½

For dressing
 Pure Orange juice - 3 tbspn
Seedless Dates – 2 nos
Pepper – 1 pinch
Salt 1 to taste
Chaat  masala –  2 pinch

Chop apple, carrot & cucumber and add boiled black channa .Mix  well :  dates,orange juice,salt,pepper,chaat masala  and add to black channa mix.You can have this Black channa and apple salad for breakfast with cutlets and masala chai or mint tea.  It is a very light and a healthy diet salad. Adding orange juice, gives a better taste. Instead of adding lemon juice and honey to the salad, I have added orange juice and dates.For a healthy life, it is good to have nutritious salad like these.

I am sending these recipe to srivalli's soups and salad mela  


  1. hi jaleela, this looks very healthy and refreshing.. would love to try out too. have a nice day

  2. Thank you faseela for your regular visit.

  3. treat and trick, thanks for you comment,yeah its very delicious salad

  4. cooking variety thank you very much for your lovely comment and wishing.

  5. Thank you for the entries Jaaleela, salad looks great!


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