Monday, November 21, 2011


This is Filipinos favorite breakfast the name called rice cake.


Sticky rice (Thailand rice) – 50 gr

Dark Black Jaggery( karuppattii vellam) –   25 gr
Coconut milk – ¼ cup
Pista – grated - 1 tbsp

      1. Soak rice whole day, change the water 2 times.
2 .Drain the water and stem the rice for 45 min in idly cooker.  (10 min high flame and 35 min very low flame)
4. Add ½ cup water into jaggery heat it and filter the syrup.
5. In a pan jaggery syrup and coconut milk leave to boil 2 minutes then mix in steamed rice and stir continuously and mix evenly.
6. Transfer into square shape container leave for 10 minutes.
Finally sprinkle the pista flakes.


This is Filipinos favorite breakfast the name called rice cake,they are using sugar (or) brown sugar , you can make this cook in oven also .I tested this food in which  I bought from supermarket, readymade biko
Instead of jaggery they are using brown sugar, I used here jaggery (karuppattii vellam) 


  1. hi jaleela, i like this and have eaten a few times before,but am sure if its malaysian or thai like yours..
    have a nice day

  2. yes cooking varieities, in dubai i bought from c4 mall in fiipino food , the taste is same like sticky thai rice.


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