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Tri Fruit Juice ( Mango. Papaya, Kiwi)

The King of the Fruit Mango
Mangoes are an excellent source of Vitamins A and C, as well as a good source of Potassium and contain beta carotene.
Mangos are high in fiber, but low in calories (approx. 110 per average sized mango), fat (only 1 gram) and sodium.
Mangos are a good staple for your daily diet.
     Deliciously rich in anti-oxidants, potassium and fiber - the mango is the perfect   fruit! Truly 'the king of fruit'.


Tri Fruit Juice ( Mango,Papaya, Kivi)

Serves : 5
Preparation time: 15  minutes


Papaya  - 2 cups
Kivi – 1 cup
Mango -  2 cup
Ice Cubes – 15 nos
Sugar  -  to Taste

Mint leaves – few

For Garnishing

Mint leaves – few


Wash and slice the mango,papaya and kiwi.

Add Mango,Papaya,Kiwi,Mint leaves,Sugar and Ice-cubes in the Mixer and grind them to Smooth paste.

Garnish this juice with mint leaves and Serve it cool!

Note: I used half papaya,1 mango,and 3 kiwi fruits,where i peeled the skin with peeler and removed their seeds before getting it sliced

Papaya was the only studied food found to halt breast cancer.
Papaya is a store-house of cancer-fighting lycopene.
Vitamin C: One serving of kiwi gives the body 230% of the RDA for Vitamin C, which helps heal wounds, increase iron absorption, and boost the immune system.
Zinc: Kiwi helps keep hair, skin, teeth, and nails healthy.

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The two Ingredients are Raw mango  raw or ripe
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