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Ramja (Red Kidney Bean) with Raw Mango Salad

Health Benefits of Kidney Beans-Rajma Kidney bean (aka common beans) is a highly nutritious variety of herbaceous plant that is very popular in countries.
Kidney beans are known for their high folate, protein and mineral content. Consumption of kidney beans gives you a healthy heart. 
Benefits Good source of potassium.

//Sometimes for morning breakfast I will eat this salad. Its a great filling and very light food. Eating salad every day giving us many health benefits. Salad helps to prevent from many diseases like heart problem and blood pressure, it helps to reduce our weight, control the cholesterol It also helps in weight gain, It is a high energy low fat snack too//

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Ramja (Red Kidney Bean) with Raw Mango Salad

Raw Mango  - Small – 1 no
Cooked (or) Canned Rajma (kidney Bean) – 2 Soup Spoon

Lemon Juice, Honey,Pepper, salt – Each ¼ Tspn
Slice the Mango 2” length add rajma
Mix dressing ingredient and add to rajama & mango mix well
Refrigerate for ½ hour.Now healthy salad is ready to eat in morning diet

Its good for weight loss. 
It purifies our blood.
It eases the nausea during pregnancy.
For cancer patients, it is good to have this Salad when they lose their sense of taste   after chemotherapy. 

Good For Brain This pulse offers outstanding benefits for brain. It contains high amount of vitamin K which provides essential nutrition for both brain and nervous system. Kidney beans are also a good source of vitamin B, which is essential for brain cells. It nourishes the brain nerves and cells which prevents age related disease like Alzheimer's.

Recipe for Pregnant Women

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