Friday, September 14, 2012

Chickpeas Mixed fruit Salad

Chickpeas fruit salad

Del Monte Canned white chickpeas 25 gram
Plums - 1
Pears - 1
Watermelon – one big piece
For Dressing
Lemon Juice – 1 tbspn
Honey – 1 tbspn
Salt – to taste
Dry Ginger powder – ½ tbspn

ü   Cut the watermelon and make sure to remove the skin and seed of it.
ü   Cut the watermelon, pear, plums in desire shape.
ü   Mix the above said dressing ingredients in a bowl.
ü   Add fruits and mix it well.
ü   Keep the salad in the fridge for ½ hour and serve it immediately
    Eye catching, attractive salad very perfect for party.

Tips: Adding dry ginger powder to this salad will prevent cold.
Hint: Plums fruit will be sourer and if you eat by making it into salad like this, it won’t taste sour.

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