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Indian Flag - Plain Agar Agar

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Indian Flag Plain Agar Agar


Agar Agar  -  10 gram
Sugar – 50 gram
Essence  - Red and green
Water – 300 ml
Milk – 100 ml


Powder the Agar agar and dissolve in the water
Add sugar , milk and boil and strain it.

After boiling reduce the water ¾ cup, divide the agar agar and put it in a 3 separate bowl.
Mix the green essence in one bowl, and the red essence in another bowl.
In the first row of the ice ray, pour  the red colour agar agar.
In the second row pour white colour agar agar.
In the thrid row pour green colour agar agar
.Finally keep it in the fridge and leave it to cool for about 2 hrs.

It’s a colourful and yummy kids special. They will enjoy this tasty jelly type agar agar.

Normally we can make this agar agar in many ways like plain agar agar, milk agar agar, tender coconut agar agar, fruit agar agar, nuts agar agar, sogo agar agar.
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