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Khasta Dhaniya Mathri

Khasta Dhaniya Mathri

Flaky Coriander Mathri :: Khasta Dhaniya Mathri :: Savoury Indian festival snack
SNC Challenge - June - 2014
Recipe Source: UK Rasoi

SNC (south vs North) and (North vs South) Event Started by Divya Pramil   

Mathri is a North Indian  snack made out of flour and spices and is deep fried in oilMathri is a deep fried savoury snack usually made of All-purpose flour  and spices. It can be kept fresh in air tight containers for days, and hence it makes a perfect snack with tea and Coffee. 

Traditionally ( or rather out of habit ) mathirs are eaten with pickles. Since Mathris are mildly spiced, hot pickle compliments them very well. It’s a general norm to serve Mathri-Achaar and some sweet ( mithayi ) when the guests visit, especially during festive time. I wouldn’t say Mathri is the most nutritious snack ever, but since its home made you can say its better to have Chaat from outside vendor. 

Prep Time: 7 mins 
Cooking Time: 20 mins ( for 10 Mathris )
Serves: 3 person

Cuisine:- Indian States of U.P. Uttarakhand, Bihar etc. 

Khasta Dhaniya Mathri


  • 1.    All purpose flour ( maida ) ¾ cup
  • 2.    whole wheat flour ( atta) ¼ cup
  • 3.    oil – for kneading the dough 3 tspn
  • 4.    ghee – for kneading the dough ( optional) 1 tspn
  • 5.    cumin powder ( jeera powder ) ¼ tspn
  • 6.    black pepper powder ¼ tspn
  • 7.    carom seeds ( ajwain) ¼ tspn
  • 8.    Salt ( or to taste)
  • 9.    fresh coriander leaves – chopped small ¼ cup
  • 10. dried fenugreek leaves – Kasuri methi  ½ tspn
  • 11. Oil - for deep frying 


Mix all the above ingredients (1 to 10) in a bowl. Add enough water and mix well to prepare a stif dough.

 Cover with dump cloth and set aside for 10 minutes.
Heat some oil in a pan. Make small balls and flatten it, keep the flame to low heat  drop the  mathri’s in a hot oil fry it until it become  light brown colour . Take them out and place it on kitchen towel to let them drain. 

Once they are cooled room temperature, store them in air tight container. These can be kept fresh for 4-5 weeks easily.

Enjoy hot and fresh with some Raita or dip, chutney for your tea time. 

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