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Doodh Dullaari

Doodh Dullaari is a Pakistani fruit custard, perfect dessert for  Ramadan and Eid  as well as cool summer treat.


For custard

Milk – 1/2 ltr

Custard powder – 1 1/2tbspn
Badam pista flakes – 1 tbspn

Sugar – 2 tsbpn (or) Sweetened condensed milk  90 ml


Chiquita – 1
apple - chopped 1/4cup
pomegranate - 1/4 cup
green and black grapes - each 5 nos

for Granishing

small gulab jamoon - 5 nos
small rasagulla or big- 5 nos

Agar agar - Jelly or any jelly

saffron - few

for agar agar jelly  preparation

Agar Agar  -  10 gram
Sugar – 75 gram
Essence  - Red or  green or both
Water – 400 ml


Powder the Agar agar and dissolve in the water

Add sugar and stir it.
After the water reduces to ¾ cup, divide the agar agar and put it in a separate bowl.

Mix the green essence in one plate, in  another plate  mix the red essence.

Let it cool for few minutes and cut into desire shape.

This recipe was last year published in kungkumam thozi monthly magazine 2016 - Ramadan Recipes

Custard Preparation 


 In a wide pan,   add milk and custard powder.

 Mix without any  lumps and boil for.5mins

Add sugar, badam flakes and  again boil for 3 minutes.

It will become creamy.

Let it cool.

Cut the banana into round shapes.add apple, grapes and pomegranate into  prepared  custard.
add gulab jamoon , rasagulla and prepared agar agar jelly and mix well

sprinkle saffron. Let it cool. 
Enjoy colourful dessert

Note: Here i used white rasagullla you can use mini colourful rasagulla.

Pineapple flavor Custard with agar agar

One my  Friend from Singapore Apsara
Tried my recipe and send this below picture


  1. Very interesting recipe... will try it for the girls... :)

  2. yes rafee , i like to prepare different types of agar agar custard
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