Saturday, June 10, 2017

Pumpkin Pola - Pumpkin Pudding

Pola is a keralite traditional Ramadan (Sweet) Pudding Recipe which is cooked in a  tawa on slow flame
Mostly they cook many variety of pola like carrot pola, thari pola,bread pola,chicken pola . I prepared it with pumpkin and the taste was amazing.

Yellow Pumpkin Pola (Puddding)

Kerala Special Ramadan Recipe


Yellow pumpkin –  ¼ kg grated
Egg – 4 nos
Cardamom powder –  1 tspn
Sweetened Condensed milk (milk Maid) – 4 tbspn
Milk – ¼ cup
Maida (plain flour) 2 tbspn
Ghee 2 tbspn
Cashew nuts  - 50 gram
Pistachio flakes – 1 tbspn

Roast and cook grated yellow pumpkin in a ghee.In a mixie add yellow pumpkin sweetened condensed milk (milk maid) egg, cardamom, maida blend together to thick consistency
In a wide pan roast the nuts in golden brown and keep separate
In the same pan add ghee and pour the blended mixture ....close the lid and cook on slow flame for 10 minutes
Now sprinkle the roasted cashew nuts and cook again for 5 minutes

Now very carefully flip it into another pan and cook the other side in a slow flame 5 minutes.transfer into serving plate and sprinkle with pistachio flakes

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  1. Wow! Never thought of making it with pumpkin... this is so innovative, especially with pumpkin being on the sweeter side, this would have tasted lovely too! Thank you so much for participating, hope to see you in the future editions too... :)

  2. I've never seen pudding cooked on the stove! Looks and sounds great!

  3. Thats so nice of you to show the step by step pics. Will give this a try


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