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Tandoori Tofu with Spinach Macaroni

Tandoori Tofu with Spinach Macaroni

Breakfast is the main meal of the day, many organs restart to  work after a fast so we can eat as much heavy and healthy during breakfast.
Many kids always skip the breakfast due to School. If we give them attractive and tasty food at least they will try to eat.

Preparation Time :  15 min
Cooking time: 25 min
Serves: 3 to 4 kids
Recipe Source: My Own


Macaroni – 300 grams (cooked)

Marination for Tandoori Tofu

Tofu – 150 gram
Salt – ¾ tspn ( to taste)
Kashmiri red chilli – ½ tspn
Eastern Tandoori masala – 2 tspn or you can use any Brand shan, Basha kitchen king etc .,
Lemen juice – ½ tspn
Ginger garlic paste – ½ tspn

for tempering

butter + oil – 2 + 2 tspn
green chilli – 2 nos ( chopped)
chopped capsicum – 2 tbspn
Mixed vegetable ( frozen) – 100 gram
Corn  - 50 gram (frozen)
Sugar – 2 pinches
Knor vegetable Stock – ½ cube
Soy sauce – 1 tbspn
Chilli sauce – 1 tspn
Tomato ketchup – 1 tbpn
White pepper – ½ tspn
Salt – ¼ tspn
(left over) Spinach pesto – 2 tbspn ( see Note.no1)


Walnut - few (Chopped)


  1. Cook maccroni as per packet direction and strain it ,mix little olive oil and keep aside.

2.Add above (marination) masala to tofu and marinate for 10 min, then  heat a non stick pan add 2 tspn oil + butter do shallow fry.

3.In a wide non stick pan add 2 tspn butter + oil add green chilli , sugar , add all the veggie , knor vegetable stock stu soy sauce, chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, salt stir it well and cook for 2 min in low flame

4. Now add fried tofu, cooked macaroni and gently mix it well, and sprinkle white pepper stir it and remove from the heat. You can also Send this kids to lunch, may be his whole class will be around his box for his  yummy Tandoori tofu macaroni.

Note: 1. Spinach Pesto: Boil hot water and add spinach and little salt and sugar cook for 1 min and strain, wash with cold water, grind along with green chilli and walnut.
2. Please be careful in adding the salt, because already soy sauce, knor cube have salt.
3.In this recipe ingredients are more but easy to prepare. Kids would love this recipe definitely.
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