Saturday, August 20, 2011

Welcome to Chennai Plaza

In the heart of the City of Chennai, we have opened a Shop in the name of Chennai Plaza. 

Which is located in Pycrofts Road, ( Near Merina Beach,/Near EA / Near Rathna Cafe)Triplicane.  Please pray for us. 

We are selling all kinds of every day requirements and very useful  items.


Hand and Shela designs

We have different and latest type of Fancy items, Handbags, School Bags, Footwear for ladies and children.  Also we have all  varieties of Bukha, Hijab, Scrafs, Shauls, cosmetic items, perfumes, Attar, creams like Nivea, Vaseline, etc.. 

Also we have Hair Stone Clips, Ear Rings, Rings, Electrical and Electronic items like, Rechargeable Emergency Lamps, Iron Box, Hair Dryer, Flasks, Wall Clock, Time Piece, Textiles like Suridhar materials of latest design. Electronic Counting Machines & Hand Counting Machines.

Selling all the items for a very reasonable price.

We do have Tailors for stitching for Ladies Garments.

Chennai Plaza

Shop Address

No, 277/30 Pycrofts Road,1st Floor, (opp:shoba cut piece)Triplicane ,
Chennai 600 005
Tel: 91 44 4556 6787
Mr.Mohideen Mob: 91 78 45367954
Mr.Ibrahim Mob: 91 98 43709497
Email id:


Treat and Trick said...

May Allah grant you barkath and success for your business...

Jaleela Kamal said...

thx 4 ur duas


Its so nice to read this! InshaAllah you will meet with great success! May you have many many more success..aamin

Jaleela said...

Thank you very much creative min,
I am so happy to see your lovely comment & duwa

nisha sh said...


Do you sell hijab for babies?

nisha sh said...


Do you sell hijab for babies?

Jaleela said...

Vaa alaikkum Salam Nisha
Yes we are selling all sizes,
let me know the size.
Any quries please mail me on