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Bakrid Special Goat Leg Biriyani

 Mutton raan is whole leg ,cooking large pieces , we can prepare gravy or biriyani.
This is long hours cooking process.

Bakrid Special Goat Leg Biriyani/Mutton Raan/Eid Special/

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for Goat leg marination

curd 3 tbps/100 gram
salt. -2 tspn
white vinegar  - 1 tspn
soy sauce  - 1 tspn
lemon juice - 1 no
green chilli 3nos
raw papaya paste _two tspn
red chilli powder - 1 tspn
black pepper pwd-1 tspn
red colour powder-little
ginger - two inch size
garlic - 8 pod
butter - 2 tbspn
oilve oil-1/4 cup
1/2tspn cardamom pwd
1/2 tspn cinnamon powder
for leg tempering
butter + oil
onion - 2 nos

For Biriyani

long basmati rice - 400 gram
oil + butter or ghee
bay leaves
cinnamon stick
tomato - 2 nos
ginger garlic paste - 2 tsbspn
biriyani masala - 2 tpn
sliced potato


wash whole-leg mutton and drain water completely.
add all the masalas in a mixer grinder grind well and add it whole-leg and marinate over night or 6 to 8 hours.
now first leg tempering in a heavy wide vessel add butten + oil , add chopped onion saute till onion trasulant , now place the marinated whole-leg and cook both side 20 minutes
(mutton whole leg will cooking time more depends on your country mutton)
now remove the whole leg and grill it or roast in pan.before placing leg for grill arrange sliced potatos and grill it each side 20 minutes.
now biriyani preparation

in a biriyani vessel add ghee + oil add bay leaves, cinnamon,clove cardamom when it splutter and onion saute till golden brown,add ginger garlic paste saute well , add coriender and mint leaves add chopped tomatos cook well.
add spice powders red chilli powder,turmeric powder and biriyani masala and salt mix well and cook for 2 minutes and add it leg roast gravy. ( water mesurement all gravies 1: 1/2 ) add 1/2 glass more boil the gravy add soaked rice and cook for 10 minutes and make a dhum for 20 minutes in a low flame.
small  onion
balace bone we can  prepare soup


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