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Arabic Grilled Thyme Flavor Chicken Lolipop

Arabic Grilled Thyme Flavor Chicken Lolipop


1.           Chicken Lolipop – 1 Kg
2.           Lemon – Juice – 2tbspn
3.           Salt – to taste
4.           White pepper pwd – 1 tspn
5.           Arabic Masala –  2 tspn (paparika,cinnamon, cardamom,nutmeg,coriander seeds,black pepper, cumin seeds)
6.           Garlic paste – 1tspn
7.           Thyme – ½ tspn
8.           Cream cheese – 1 tbspn
9.           Olive oil – 3 tspn


1. Wash the loli pop chicken and put two three cut in it and squeeze one lemon soak for 10 minutes and drain the water completely.
2. In a bowl mix all the ingredients olive oil, garlic paste ,white pepper, white pepper,Arabic masalas, lemon juice and add washed chicken lolipop and marinate it and keep it for about 20 minutes.
3.  Grill the marinated chicken in a preheated  oven grill each  side’s 15 minutes.
4. Arabic Chicken Thyme and garlic lollipop  is ready to eat serve with Arabic Kuboos and Garlic sauce.

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