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Vietnamese Yellow Pumpkin Clear Soup

Liquid Diet for Patients - Yellow Pumpkin Soup/ vegetable water soup, Water diet is the
best for cancer patients, Kidney problem patients cannot take food properly so that time we can give this soup and this soup is also good for hernia patients too.
Intake of water per day we need is 8 ltr, so instead of water we can take a soup like this.
Also for kids we can give these kind of soup (plain or with rice),This soup is especially Vietnamese special soup

This is #Vietnamese# Special Clear Soup. The Vietnam people cannot go a day without drink this soup.

Yellow pumpkin soup in Tamil Please click below recipe
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மஞ்சள் பூசணி தண்ணீ சூப் ‍ தண்ணீ ஆகாரம்

Yellow Pumpkin Clear Soup - Very Simple to prepare this soup.


Yellow pumpkin soup - 200 gram or 100 gram
chopped small onion - 5 or  3 nos
salt - 1/2 Tspn
sugar - 1/2 Pinch


Boil 3 glasses of water add grated pumpkin, chopped onion, salt, sugar boil well for 10 minutes , Stain the soup in a strainer transfer soup in to a serving bowl and drink.
 We can prepare same like all veggie, if you need more flavour add little pepper pwd,ghee or butter and drink, if you are in paleo diet  or normal diet along with soup ,take some grilled meat or chicken & salad.
This soup is Vietnamese special soup , they will prepare this soup with cabbage, bottle guard,green leaves.

This is Clear diet - #ClearDiet# mean Strained fruit or juice with out pulp


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  2. I really liked your receipe Vietnamese Yellow Pumpkin Clear Soup
    its very tasty and we enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing this receipe with us.

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