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Biscoff Biscuit Cheese cake with Pomegranate and Strawberry

Biscoff Biscuit Cheese cake 
Biscoff Biscuit Cheese cake  with Pomegranate and Strawberry
 Biscoff Biscuit Cheese cake 

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Biscoff Biscuit Cheese cake 
For base
Lotus biscoff - 10 nos
oats - 1 tbspn
lurpak batter - 3 tbspn
walnut or pistacho - needed qty

For filling
cream cheese - 200 gram
fresh cream - 100 gram
biscoff biscuit - 3 nos
Strawberry - 1 no
pomegranate - 1 tsbn
sugar - 3 tbspn
sweetened  condensed milk -  40 ml

For glace
pomegranate & strawberry  juice - 50 ml
strawberry essence - one drop
agar agar - 3 gram 
sugar - 3 tspn
rooh afza essence - 10 ml

for garnishing
biscoff biscuit
Powder the Biscoff biscuits in a food processor & oats and pistachio, melt the butter and mix it with the biscuit & oats powder. Divide for portion and evenly set this mixture into  4 bowl and press tightly and set it in refrigerator for 1/2 hour .
 In a pan add  soaked china grass with one glass of water and boil  and let it cool.
  In a wide bowl add  cream cheese, fresh cream and Strawberry and pomegranate , china grass, sugar or condensed milk  and blend well . 
 Take 4 wide mini falooda bowl set this batter mix into each bowl press tightly and set refrigerate it  for  1/2 hours.

In a pan add Soak china grass  and boil with ½ cup of water , add strawberry essence, rooh afsha pomegranate and strawberry juice  sugar, rooh afsha and boil it for  5 minutes.

cool it in room temperature  for 3 minutes and  spread this  glaze  over the 4 bowl which we set in a fridge . allow the cheese cake to set for half an hour or  an hour.

coarsely powdered Biscoff biscuit

coarsely powdered Pistachio

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