Saturday, September 14, 2013

Falooda - SNC - 12

Flooda is a Rich Dessert. We can Make Varieties of Falooda with different Flavor.It's an all time my family favorite dessert. 

SNC - 12 September - Falooda
South vs North Event Started by Divya Pramill ,I am a part of south team
Chellange for North Team ElluPoorna Kozukkaattai hosted by Virunthu unna vangka vijayalakshmi.

Chellange for south Team FaloodaHosted by thelady8home,Minnie Gupta


Chilled Milk  - 2 cup
Saffron – ¼ tspn
Warm milk ¼ cup

Chironji/ charoli (optional) (saaraparuppu) – 1 tspn

Fried Cashew nuts – 6
Pista Flakes  - 4 Tspn
Badam – Slices – 8 nos

Rose syrup  (Roo Afsa)– 4 Tbspn
Rose water 2 tbsp

1 handful of whole falooda(sev) noodles
water – 3 Cup

 Tukmaria (basil) seeds (sabja vithai) -1/4 cup

Strawberry ice-cream & Kulfi Ice-Cream

How to Make Falooda at Home:


Soak the basil seeds in a cup of water, it will take an hour to plump.
Add the rose syrup to the chilled milk and place it in fridge.
In a cup of warm milk,soak the saffron,rose water,cover and keep it in fridge for an hour.
Soak the badam in hot water remove the skin and sliced it keep aside.
Boil the noodles in 3cups water until soft, drain the water.
Now immerse the noodles in saffron soaked milk and place it in fridge until assembling.

How to Assemble Falooda in a Tall Glass:

Step - 1
In  two tall glasses, drop the 3/4 of chilled noodles with quarter cup of saffon milk.
Top it with 2tablespoons of basil seeds.
Pour two scoops of Strawberry & kulfi  ice cream
Pour in the chilled rose milk  into the glass.
Top it again with two scoops of Strawberry & kulfi  ice cream
top it with pista flakes & badam flakes.

Step -2

Now pour in the remaining saffron milk and rest of the noodles.
Top it again with two scoops of Strawberry & kulfi  ice cream.
Garnish it with pista flakes & fried cashew nuts and cooked falooda sev.

If you want more sweet, drizzle a little more rose syrup.

Rich Fruit Flooda - In my Tamil Blog ஃபாலுதா/ஃபலூடா


  1. my kids luv falooda more,looks yummy

  2. my kids luv falooda more,looks yummy

  3. I loved it that you added strawberry ice-cream. Great touch, I love strawberry ice cream in falooda :) Thanks so much, it looks tasty and rich.

  4. Lovely... want to grab one immediately...

  5. Falooda looks great.we love it too...

  6. yummy Falooda... I am ur new follower... Will be glad if u follow me back...

  7. nice and attractive color of ur blog .falooda is yummy tempting.pic are super

  8. Yummy, one of my all time favs :)


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